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World Book Student. Graduation Cap icon.

World Book Student

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Encyclopedia content designed for students in middle grades. Tailored for students in elementary and middle schools, Student includes all the articles from the print versions of the… Read More »World Book Student

U.X.L Encyclopedia of Science - Gale Ebook

UXL Encyclopedia of Science

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This resource provides information on scientific theories, life forms, inventions, controversies, and discoveries.

EBSCOhost Newspaper Source Plus.

Newspaper Source Plus

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Full text coverage of major newspapers, videos, and podcasts covering critical news topics.

EBSCOhost Literary Reference Source. Book icon.

Literary Reference Source

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Provides information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and timeframes.

EBSCOhost History Reference Source. World glob icon.

History Reference Source

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Full text content of historical documents, biographies of historical figures, photos, maps, video, and other history reference materials.

Cities of the United States - Gale Ebook

Cities of the United States

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Provides vital information on 199 of America’s top cities. City-specific profiles organize pertinent facts and data.

American Decades - Gale Ebook

American Decades (1900-1999)

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A cross-disciplinary source for junior and high school users who need to analyze periods of contemporary American social history.